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Hollard Life Cover

Life Insurance the easy way

Whether you're looking to provide a financial safety net for your loved ones, moving house or a first time buyer looking to arrange your mortgage life insurance - or simply wanting to add some cover to what you've already got - you'll want to make sure you choose the right type of cover and get a great deal too.
Our life insurance is a quick and easy way to arrange cover that pays out a lump sum to your loved ones if you die during the term of the plan. Although remember, there is no cash-in value at any time, so if you stop your monthly payments or survive to the end of the policy, your cover will end and no money will be returned to you.

Life insurance is a basic form of protection cover. The idea behind it is that should you die or suffer from a terminal illness the contract will pay a sum of money to normally repay any liabilities you may have or to help provide money for a family. It is one of the very oldest forms of financial cover that exists today; life cover has been around for hundreds of years and has evolved from notions that were around at the time. These principles were based around helping thy neighbour. It was common practice at the time if your house burned to the ground, then all the residents in the area would all pull together and help rebuild it for you. It was then Tonti in the 17th Century who took the life insurance to the next level which makes it more recognisable to what we see today. He put a more financial slant on the cover and brought calculations into how it is worked out. He created a fund that a number of people paid into and then at the end of each year the fund was split among all the people who had survived. This was very popular and many people wanted to sign up to the life cover. As it got bigger and bigger, he had to modify the life insurance policy and brought what we recognise as actuarial calculations into the equation. These are when things such as life expectancy and claims history are also taken into consideration, which is similar to today. You can see the life insurance and general life cover definition as we know it today in these early roots. The definition basically is the sharing of losses; this is substituting a certain loss (the policy premium) for a large uncertain loss (payout). You can then take the definition a stage further and see that it is a product that is designed to accomplish financial goals and assist if you were unfortunate enough to suffer from an economic loss due to the death of the insured. This life assurance protection can then create a lump sum payment to ensure that you accomplish financial need and make up for the economic loss you have suffered. This can prove invaluable to those who are left behind and the life insurance can really make a difference.

Once you understand this many people ask the question from the protection provider if it is really needed? In many cases it is needed, if you have any form of financial liability or if you have a family then you should normally consider getting a life insurance quote and taking a policy. There are numerous forms of protection and these are designed to suit the different situations that you may be appropriate to you. There are those of us that are purely interested in replacing lost income to the family. If you were to die then your weekly or monthly salary could be missed into the household. You need to ask yourself can your family survive without this income or would they find it a struggle to continue. If the answer to this is yes then some form of protection from a protection provider is definitely worth considering. You can choose an amount that you are comfortable with and have this as your sum assured for your life insurance quote. Many people think that the best way to work this out is to do multiples of your yearly salary. If you use this system, it is one of the oldest and most common forms of deciding your sum assured. This is the easiest formula to use and most of the financial experts use this system to compare polices on offer by the protection providers you decide to use. This is by far the simplest method available, however you must take into consideration the fact that it is a guide and doesn’t account for changes in circumstances and other factors that may occur in the future. Many people say this is simply a guess and it is not scientific enough. There is no perfect method out there as some people have their own ideas or formulas that they think is better for them, but what you should do is decide what the most appropriate need is for you. We all have different situations and circumstances that must be catered for so understanding the different methods available from your protection provider and getting the right life insurance quote is important.
Life Cover
In addition to the main methods there are a number of other reasons why people obtain life cover. These are very varied and offer a broad spectrum to cover most eventualities. Many people may simply want to cover funeral expenses; it is often the case that some older people take this so family do not end up with a large bill after the funeral. Others will obtain this form of life cover protection for peace of mind just in case they pass away and would have preferred to leave enough money for their child to still have a good potential education, after all university can be very expensive. Another popular reason for taking up life insurance quotes is for self employed people. If you were to have your own business and it was reliant upon you to survive, a life assurance policy could be needed to cover any key member of the business. If you want to give money to charity with your insurance you can obtain life cover quotes that will allow this. This could allow you to give a gift to your favourite charity and will not directly affect the size of your estate you are leaving to your family. Another possible reason for us to consider life assurance quotes or life cover is to help cover taxes that maybe be payable upon your death, however it would be better to consider whole life insurance rather than term life insurance as this would be for a defined period. The life assurance could cover these taxes so it is not an extra burden to your family along with everything else when you pass away. As we have seen there are several reasons for taking the cover. Overall it is important to consider that your potential liabilities or a family that would end up being worse off if you were to die then it is best advice to consider cover. The amount of life cover you decide to take is purely up to you, often you may find what you want can be expensive and may not be feasible. You tend to make a decision about your life cover with a financial head on but this is often combined with an emotional concern to it.

When obtaining a life insurance quote you can also look to cover any debts that you may have. Some people do not realise that when they pass away their debts are automatically passed onto their next of kin. In this scenario not only do your loved ones have the grief to deal with that you have passed away they also have the fact that they may be liable for the debts you had whilst you were alive. It is for this reason that it is always good advice to cover any liabilities that you have. For many of us the biggest liability we have is our mortgage. It is for this reason that there is specific insurance designed to cover mortgages. Many mortgages decrease over a specific term so you can obtain your life insurance that decreases alongside your mortgage. This is also a very cost effective way of obtaining cover as the liability to the protection provider is reducing over a specific period of time so the premiums they offer are cheaper. Some of us have interest only mortgages, if this is the case when you get your life insurance quote it should be on a level basis. This should then ensure that your mortgage is repaid as the cover will remain at a constant amount. With an interest only mortgage the liability doesn’t reduce over time. You are expected to make other arrangements to ensure that the mortgage is repaid. When you obtain a life insurance quote for this form of cover you will realise it is more expensive than the decreasing type. In addition to mortgages many people also have loans, credit cards, student debt and car finance that they need to cover. These can also be covered with this form of protection. After realising the differences between the 2 main types of protection you can see why some people have a need for both of them. It is seen in the industry as best advice to do a combination of both of them. If you cover your mortgage and then also add enough protection to provide an income in the event of death you have left your family in a strong position so long as the life insurance quote is affordable.

Life Assurance

Hollard Life Cover

There are many people who get confused with what the actual product life assurance is? Assurance means that something will definitely occur and is assured to happen during a period of time. The only thing you are not sure of is when this time is going to occur. Whereas insurance is when to take cover against something that possibly may occur during a certain period of time. If you decide that a term life insurance policy is the one that suits your needs best then this is a life assurance plan, as it is definitely going to pay at some period of time. If you take a normal term insurance type of plan then this will run over a set length of time and if no claim is made on the term life insurance policy during this time the plan will simply stop and no payment will be made. A life assurance plan is widely used for things such as funeral expenses. The reason for this is that it will provide a lump sum of money upon the death of the policy holder, this money is then ideal for covering these types of costs as they can come as a surprise and can be quite expensive. By providing the money for situations such as this it will take the pressure away from what can be a very traumatic experience and make it a bit easier. Which ever way you decide to take your insurance it is important that you get the best plan that suits your needs. It is always if you are unsure to talk to a protection specialist who can guide you and ensure you know the differences between a life assurance or a life insurance policy. The last thing you want is to find you have the wrong plan and it is not going to achieve the protection goal you purchased in the first place for. Any kind of protection plan like this is age sensitive, this means the older you get the more expensive the premiums are. This means if you get the wrong policy it can be prohibitively expensive to get the correct policy if and when you realise it is not for you.

Hollard Life Cover

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Own your life!

Live life your way. That is what we want to help you do.!

True freedom comes when we assume responsibility for our lives and the decisions we make - or do not make - and when we take the steps needed to steer a course to the future and the lifestyles we desire.

At Liberty we encapsulate this philosophy in three words: Own your life.

We believe you should and, can indeed, live life the way YOU intend. Your rules, your desires, your goals. Not an imitation of someone else's life.

That is what Own your life is all about -- the freedom to design and control your destiny.

This website gives you all the tools and information to do just that.

Here you will find useful resources applicable in different phases of your life, for example, when you are:

* Single and starting out
* Getting married
* Newly married
* Married with children
* Starting a new job
* Thinking about retiring
* Already retired
* Starting or already in your own business


Life Insure

A life insurance policy allow you to make provision for your dependents when you die or become permanently disabled. You can also ensure financial security when you retire with a Retirement Annuity.

A life insurance policy pays a lump sum (based on the policy's terms and conditions), after your death, to provide for your family or settle any debt (i.e. outstanding amount on your car or home). Some life policies allow you to include disability cover.

A wide spectrum of life cover is available in the South African market. Term Life Insurance or Credit Life Cover would be ideal if you only want life cover for a certain period of time, i.e. while paying a bond on your house. See Bond Insurance (Life Cover from R80 per month).

Term Life Insurance is relatively cheap, but does not have an investment/cash value. When the agreed cover period have passed, the cover merely expires.

Whole Life Cover expires after the policy holder's death or when you surrender the policy. Your premium is invested by the insurance company and you can borrow against the policy as soon as it has a cash value.

Universal Life Cover has an investment component included. Your return on investment depends on the performance of the investment. The growth rate is not guaranteed, but rapid growth is a possibility.

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Check your ITC And/Or Experian Credit Record Today

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You could have a bad credit record because of an honest mistake. There might've been a delay in processing your payment, the cheque might've arrived late because of the Postal Service.

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Business credit profiles may contain information such as:

  • Identifying information: name, address, registration details, holding company name and names of associates or subsidaries, if applicable.
  • Operational information: principals, operational status (e.g. active or inactive) and summary of operations.
  • Financial information may be contained if it has been voluntarily supplied by the business.
  • History of payment performance: details may include trade references, default notations, civil court judgments, provisional and final liquidation orders.
  • Enquiries: a record of each occasion when a credit grantor or other authorised party requests the details of your credit profile.

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South Africa Insurance is the answer that you seek if you are looking for a reduction in your car insurance costs. Why should you pay exorbitant car insurance fees when there is a cheaper solution out there for you to take advantage of? At South Africa Insurance, your auto insurance rates can be reduced significantly enough to save you more than R5000 every year. All you have to do in order to get started is to enter your details to find out what savings are available to you. The purpose of the South Africa Insurance website is to save you time and save you money while allowing you to compare numerous auto insurance quotes from a variety of different insurance companies, guaranteeing that you will be able to save money while still getting the right level of coverage for your automobile. You can save time and a lot of money simply by comparing multiple quotes from insurance agents located in your region, including top name insurance companies that are hoping to insure you.

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Get 6 Insurance Quotes Emailed To You ! Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Vehicle Insurance !! all Insurance Quotes !!! Get The Best NOW !

Insurance Quotes Online, is a true online insurance quote facility , effectively you will be saving yourself a lot of time & effort.

You have the power in your hands & at your convenience & privacy to get your own insurance quotes .

With technology advancing all the time , we understand that consumers want instant gratification , have taken the online insurance request form a step further.

The service is free & you may use it as many times as you wish. All quotes for car & home contents are Comprehensive. New insurers are being added to the spread as time goes by so visit our site periodically to see any changes & calculate yourself a true online insurance quote.

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Need Car Insurance ? Get A Quote TODAY

Cheap car insurance, also called auto insurance, motorcar insurance, motor insurance, motorcycle insurance and bike insurance, is insurance the public can buy for their cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The primary use of car insurance in South Africa is to offer cover against losses resulting from traffic accidents and theft. The following is a brief description of car insurance, but if you already know about the topic, we suggest you click through on the quote links and get a quote from InsuranceHound, Outsurance, Hollard and Dialdirect. Be sure to wait for a car insurance quote from all the companies before taking out a policy and let the representatives know that you are checking out their competitors. This will ‘motivate’ them to give you the best possible deal!

Insurance Coverage
Cheap car insurance can cover the following:

* The insured driver or owner
* The insured motor car or motorcycle
* Third parties

Insurance policies differ in respect to what is covered by the policy e.g. theft, fire, or accident damage. Policies also differ in respect to the extent of remuneration.

Public policy
Car insurance is compulsory in many countries around the world, but not in South Africa. South Africa takes a portion of the money earned from petrol and places it into the Road Accidents Fund. This money is used to compensate third parties in accidents.

Basis of premium charges
In South Africa the insurance premium is determined by the insurance companies following government regulations and frameworks. Besides regulations, premiums are calculated using statistical data calculated by actuaries. Factors that influence premiums include car characteristics (alarms, immobilisers, airbags etc.), the coverage chosen, the driver (including age, gender, history etc.) and the usage of the car (commuting or business).

Men tend to drive more than women do, and therefore have a higher accident rate. Women drivers are therefore more likely to have lower premiums.

Younger drivers don’t have much in the way of driving histories and will therefore have higher premiums. Premiums tend to come down after the age of 25, and will go down a lot after the age of 35.

Car Characteristics
Due to the high rate of vehicle theft; many insurance companies will refuse to cover a vehicle for theft unless an approved alarm or anti-highjack system is installed in the car.
Some insurance companies also take the vehicle colour into account when calculating a premium.